Show rundown for 6/13/2003

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Protests in Iran

Increasingly violent protests are taking place in Iran, as students demonstrate against the country's hard line fundamentalist clerics.

The Women of Iraq

Now that Saddam Hussein is out of Iraq, how are women faring in the country?

Earth Liberation Front

We speak with a reporter from "Outside" magazine about the Earth Liberation Front, an organization that recently burned suburban mansions outside of Detroit to protest suburban sprawl.

Chris Hedges on War

We speak with war correspondent Chris Hedges about his new book, "What Every Person Should Know about War."

David Brinkley, War Coverage

Our Editorial roundtable discusses the recent death of journalist David Brinkley and tackles the question of whether the media was tough enough in its coverage of the Bush administration and its reasons for going to war with Iraq.

Thoughts on Hilary Clinton's New Book

Host Bill Delaney shares some thoughts about Hillary Clinton's new book.


We review the new documentary "Spellbound" about kids competing in the National Spelling Bee.

This program aired on June 13, 2003.

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