Show rundown for 6/24/2003

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U.S. Funds Iraqi Army to Help Restore Order

Scott Peterson of the Christian Science Monitor gives us the latest on U.S. troops still in Iraq, including information about a U.S. decision to pay former Iraqi soldiers to form a new army.

Palestinians Hint at Hamas Ceasefire

The Boston Globe's Charles Radin reports that a senior Hamas leader is hinting that the militant Palestinian group could be open to a ceasefire agreement with Israelis.

Bangladeshis Poisoned by Tainted Water

In Bangladesh, millions of people are being poisoned by drinking water tainted with arsenic. We find out how this came to be and what can be done about it.

Qatari Man Labeled Enemy Combatant

The U.S. government says a Qatari man who allegedly helped Al Qaida operatives settle in the U.S. has been designated an enemy combatant and could face trial by a military tribunal.

Ballroom Dance

We hear the sounds from a Ballroom Dance competition recently held in Cambridge, MA.

Sea Shanties

Once a month, enthusiasts of sea shanties gather at a bar in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to belt out songs of the sea.

This program aired on June 24, 2003.

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