Show rundown for 7/2/2003

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Middle East Leaders Negotiate Control

Israel and Palestinian leaders work out final details to put Bethlehem back under Palestinian control.

Dept. of Labor Introduces New Work Rules

The Department of Labor proposes new rules regarding overtime and who may qualify for it.

Caregiver Stress

A new study on how older people who care for an aging parent or relative age faster.

Rumsfeld Poetry

We look at the book "The Existential Poetry of Donald H Rumsfeld" by Hart Seely.

Libraries and the Patriot Act

In the third of our series on civil liberties, libraries respond to the USA Patriot Act.

George Washington's Distillery

Here and Now speaks with the chief archaeologist at Mt Vernon about George Washington's distillery.

Mosquito Boom

While public health officials track down mosquitoes that may have West Nile virus, the public searches for new methods to keep mosquitoes away.

This program aired on July 2, 2003.

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