Show rundown for 7/3/2003

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Fallujah Explosion Investigation

We'll have the latest from Iraq and check in on the investigation into this week's explosion in Fallujah.

Report Says Women Should Avoid Animal Fat in Food

The Institute of Medicine issues a report that says women and girls should cut back on fatty foods and meats.

Genetically Modified Food Labels in Europe

The European Parliament moved to end a moratorium on the use of genetically modified organisms in food. But any product with GMOs must be labeled. Can American food producers comply?

U.S. Cuts Foreign Aid

The U.S. punishes 35 allies with cuts in foreign aid after the allies did not agree to a U.S. plan that would exempt Americans from prosecution at the International Criminal Court.

Anti-Gang Ordinances and Civil Liberties

Some cities across the nation have implemented anti-gang ordinances to fight crime. But do these ordinances trample on civil liberties?

Letters 7/3/03

Listeners share their views on what they heard this week on Here and Now.

Capitol Steps

We'll talk with two of the founding members of the Capitol Steps, who always find something inside the Beltway to laugh about.

This program aired on July 3, 2003.

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