Show rundown for 7/7/2003

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U.S. Troops under Stress in Iraq

Facing repeated, yet delayed dates to return home, U.S. troops in Iraq are under increasing stress.

Arsons Plague DC Area

A string of arsons is plaguing parts of Washington and Prince George's County. Authorities say they are investigating 22 fires since late March.

Bush Visits Africa

Two newspaper editors weigh in on President Bush's trip to Africa.

Mexico's Midterm Elections

We check in on yesterday's midterm elections results in Mexico, which is proving to be a setback for President Fox.

Kuwait Elections

Liberals in Kuwait lose ground in Parliamentary elections.

The Future of Ice Cream

Two of the leading manufacturers of ice cream novelties plan to launch new products in an attempt to take aim at America's sweet tooth.

Summer Reading

Our resident literary critic offers up his summer reading list.

This program aired on July 7, 2003.

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