Show rundown for 7/9/2003

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Palestinian Leadership Experiences Setbacks

New strains within the Palestinian leadership threaten to derail the peace process.

Federal Workers Health Plan

As Congress discusses Medicare, we'll look at one group of American workers who need not worry about prescription drug coverage: retired federal workers.

The Kite Runner

An Afghan-American novelist writes about the harsh realities of growing up in Afghanistan under the Taliban.

Airline Industry Hopes for Big Summer

This is an important summer for many airlines. Are people flying enough to keep the airlines in business?

Smart Seats

A new seat may be coming to passenger jets soon. It will turn off your reading light and could even measure your blood pressure.

Arizona Catfish

The catfish is an endangered fish in Arizona and fires there threaten it even more.

Berry and Peach Cake

Making the most of summer's bounty, chef Kathy Gunst prepares a berry and peach cake.

This program aired on July 9, 2003.

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