Show rundown for 7/11/2003

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Iraqi Interim Council to Run Country

Western and Iraqi officials announce there will be a governing council formed this weekend; the council will share the responsibility of running Iraq.

Congress Moves to Cut AIDS Funding

Even as President Bush is touring Africa promising U.S. aid to fight HIV and AIDS, the U.S. Congress moved to cut back those funds.

AIDS in Botswana

With the highest rate of AIDS in adults, Botswana faces what many people would see as an uphill battle. We speak with one doctor about treating people and the shortage of medication.

Smart Mobs

Smart mobs are changing everything from fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan to organizing a presidential campaign.

Death of the Free Obit

Many newspapers are now charging for death notices and obituaries. Our editorial roundtable explains why.

Van Gogh's Moon

We explore the connection between Van Gogh's "Moonrise" painting and where astronomers say the moon will appear on the July 13, 150 years after Van Gogh's death.

The Swimming Pool

Our panel of film reviewers gives us their opinion of the French thriller, "The Swimming Pool."

This program aired on July 11, 2003.

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