Show rundown for 7/15/2003

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Bush Administration Announces $455 Billion Deficit

The Bush administration projects this year's federal budget deficit will reach $455 billion.

Palestinian Pollster Tells of Attacks

We talk to Dr. Khalil Shikaki, a Palestinian pollster attacked on Sunday by other Palestinians because of poll findings.

Environmental Lawyers Sue Corporations for Climate Change

Environmental lawyers are blaming and suing large corporations that they say are responsible for global climate change.

Vanity and Health

Some patients put their personal appearance before their health, according to our regular health columnist Judy Foreman.

NAACP Meets in Florida

We'll have a report from the NAACP meeting taking place this week in Florida.

Mass. Bilingual Education Approved by State Congress

Despite the voters urge to ban multilingual education programs in Massachusetts schools, the state Senate and House voted to preserve these programs.

Green Cards and Marriage

We speak to the New York City Clerk about people who marry over and over again so that their spouses can get a green card.

Linda Eder

Broadway sensation Linda Eder is set to return to the Great White Way with the musical Camille Claudel. We speak to here about the show and her new cd, "Broadway My Way."

This program aired on July 15, 2003.

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