Show rundown for 7/25/2003

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Abbas Meets Bush at White House

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas meets with President Bush today to negotiate plans on the new roadmap for peace.

House Approves Bill on Prescription Drugs

Early this morning, the House approved a bill that would give U.S. consumers access to lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada and other countries.

Vive Le Tour

With just a couple more days to go, Lance Armstrong is close to winning his fifth Tour de France.

Corporate Warriors

We speak to Peter Singer, author of the new book "Corporate Warriors: The Rise of the Privatized Military Industry."

Identifying Rape Victims

In light of the sexual assault charges brought against L.A. Laker basketball star Kobe Bryant, our media panel weighs in on the issue of identifying alleged rape victims.

Schools Block RIA from Student Identities

The Recording Industry Association is accusing two college students for downloading music illegally. The schools are refusing to divulge the student's identity claiming it is a privacy issue. We'll speak to the Executive Director for Information Services at Northeastern University.


We'll have a review of the new film "Northfork" starring James Woods and Nick Nolte.

This program aired on July 25, 2003.

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