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Annan Calls for Immediate Liberia Aid

Nigeria says it has a peacekeeping force ready to go into Liberia, but it wants more money first.

Gray Davis Suffers Another Setback

Governor Gray Davis, facing an October recall election, got a little help from the State Assembly, which passed a compromise budget yesterday which raises fees and cuts spending.

Sherman Alexie's "Ten Little Indians"

Author Sherman Alexie talks about his new book, "Ten Little Indians. "

Boston Catholics Install New Bishop

The Boston Archdiocese installs a new bishop today.

Red Sox Player Mueller Makes Baseball History

Red Sox player Bill Mueller hit two grand slams in the same game hitting on both sides of the plate, which has never been done in Major League Baseball.

Kathy Gunst's Corn Fritters

Chef Kathy Gunst makes corn fritters with fresh herb butter live in the WBUR Kitchen.

This program aired on July 30, 2003.

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