Show rundown for 8/1/2003

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White House Optimistic on North Korea Talks

The Bush administration believes North Korea is ready to take part in multilateral talks to resolve the impasse over the North's nuclear weapons program.

The Fate of Collaborators in Iraq

We speak Anthony Shadid of the Washington Post about the grim realities of Iraqis who are accused of collaborating with American forces.

Gulf War I POW

We speak to a former POW from the first war with Iraq about his attempt to be compensated for his time in captivity.

The Way of the Ship

We sail in Boston Harbor with the author of a new book on the last days of the square rigger.

War Comics

Our editorial roundtable weighs in the topic of comic strips that address the war in Iraq.

Cyber Sleuth

We talk to the CEO of BayTSP, a company that patrols the internet and routs out up to one and a million peer to peer file sharers per day.


Our film reviewers give us their opinion of the new film, Seabiscuit.

This program aired on August 1, 2003.

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