Show rundown for 8/6/2003

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Critics Threaten Split Over Gay Bishop Appointment

We have reaction on the ordination of the first gay bishop in the Episcopal Church.

Ashcroft Watches Judges and Soft Sentencing

In a memo to government lawyers, Attorney General John Ashcroft wants lawyers to report on judges who give soft sentences and start appealing those sentences.

Juries Impose Death Sentences

After last year's U.S. Supreme Court ruling that jurors, not judges, must determine if a defendant warrants the death penalty, opponents of capital punishment are disappointed to learn that juries are imposing death sentences more than they were before.

Robert E. Lee, Part 1

Roy Blount, Jr. talks about his new book on Robert E. Lee.

California Candidacy Deadline

It's the deadline for Californians to declare candidacy for governor in the event of a recall.

Oil in Alaska's Tundra

The Energy Department has released a new study that might help companies explore for oil in Alaska's tundra.

Rialto Fish Market

We visit an old world fish market in Venice, Italy.

This program aired on August 6, 2003.

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