Show rundown for 8/13/2003

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Missile Sting Nabs Suspected Dealer

A suspected arms dealer and two other men will be in court today in New Jersey where they will face charges of trying to sell a Russian-made surface-to-air missile to American undercover agents posing as terrorists.

Missile Technology Legislation

Congress considers legislation requiring anti-missile equipment at all airports.

Episcopal Church Debate

Bishop Robert Duncan of Pittsburgh has criticized the election of Gene Robinson, an openly gay man, as bishop of New Hampshire.

Iraq Official Tells of Money Problems

The U.S. administrator in Iraq says he's concerned about finding the money to rebuild Iraq.

The Situation in Iraq

We speak with Pamela Constable from the Washington Post about the situation in Iraq

Kids at the Movies

One theater in Boston appeals to parents with young children: fussy children are welcome to film screenings.

Step into Liquid

The son of legendary surf documentary filmmaker Bruce Brown carries on the family tradition.

This program aired on August 13, 2003.

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