Show rundown for 8/19/2003

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Explosion in Baghdad

A huge explosion rocked the area around a hotel housing the U.N. headquarters in northeast Baghdad. We speak to a U.N. aide who was outside the hotel at the time of the blast.

Kelly Investigation

British Prime Minister Tony Blair's aide is questioned about his role in releasing a dossier on Iraq's weapons' program.

Software Rules, Worm Trouble

Old computer problems are being solved by a new approach: throwing out the rule that computers follow.

Job Change

A top investigator from New York State's Attorney General office has joined the very firm he was investigating.


Jack Grubman left his job as a stock analyst at Salomon Smith Barney a year ago. But he's still on the payroll, even with the severance package valued at about $33 million.

Hot Microbe

Scientists discover a microbe living at the temperature previously thought too hot to sustain any life form.


We talk with the director of the new film, "Thirteen."

This program aired on August 19, 2003.

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