Show rundown for 9/4/2003

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Powell's Coup

The Washington Post retraces the steps of behind the scenes maneuverings by Secretary of State Colin Powell and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to bypass Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and go to the United Nations with a resolution seeking a U.N. sanctioned military force in Iraq.

Debate Watch

California voters hear just a handful of candidates in last night's gubernatorial debate; and American voters get to see the nine democrats for President debate tonight on television.

Congressmen Learn Spanish for Voters

Several congressmen are learning Spanish, an indication of the need by many politicians to reach out to Spanish speaking voters.

Jessica Lange on Rape in the Congo

Actress Jessica Lange, Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, speaks about the use of rape as a weapon in the Congo.

Court Blocks FCC Media Ownership Ruling

An appeals court has blocked new federal rules that would have relaxed media ownership restrictions. Critics say the Federal Communications Commission rules would have put control of print and electronic media in the hands of few corporate giants.

Alabama Taxes

The Republican Governor of Alabama wants to raise taxes to cover a budget shortfall, but the legislature has voted not to raise taxes. Now the Governor says he'll take the issue of a tax increase to the voters.

The Art of the Critic

Theater critic Bill Marx talks about the role of the art critic and about a new book on critic Kenneth Tynan.

This program aired on September 4, 2003.

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