Show rundown for 9/5/2003

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Democratic Debate Report Card

Eight of the nine Democrats showed up for last night's debate in New Mexico. Our panel of editors reviews what was said and how the candidates did.

Iraq, N. Korea Dealings Show Policy Shift

There are reports that the Bush administration has softened its position on dealing with North Korea. Also this week, the Bush administration went to the United Nations to seek outside help in Iraq.

Ship Ablaze

In 1904, the steamboat General Slocum sunk, killing 1,000 New Yorkers.

Federal Workforce Grows by 1 Million

The Brookings Institution releases a report indicating that the federal workforce has grown under President George W. Bush by more than a million people. So what do "small government" advocates say?

Pennsylvania Pizza Man Mystery

The FBI is investigating the mysterious death of a pizza delivery man in Pennsylvania. Captured by police while attempting to rob a bank, the man was killed when a bomb that was attached to him went off. He claimed the bomb was attached by a third party that forced him to commit the robbery.

Rain Plagues U.S. Open

Mother Nature has not been cooperating for tennis players and fans at the U.S. Open in New York.

Year of the Documentary

"Spellbound," "Step into Liquid," and other documentaries faired well for critics and at the box office.

This program aired on September 5, 2003.

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