Show rundown for 9/10/2003

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Hamas Leader Wounded in Israeli Attack

Israeli bombs destroyed the home of a senior Hamas leader, wounding him and killing his son. This comes in response to two suicide bombings that killed 15 Israelis yesterday.

Hospital Chief Dies in Israeli-Palestinian Violence

Dr. Edward Applebaum was head of a Jerusalem hospital emergency room, a man who devoted his life to victims of violence.

Alabama Voters Reject Proposed Tax Hike

The voters of Alabama overwhelmingly rejected a tax hike, supported by the Republican governor, which was proposed to cover the state's deficit.

Physicist Edward Teller Dies

The man dubbed "father of the hydrogen bomb" has died. Edward Teller played a central role in energy and defense policies in the United States for more than a half century.

Anniversary of the Chilean Coup

Peter Kornbluth, author of "The Pinochet File," talks about the 30th anniversary of the coup that overthrew Salvador Allende in Chile.

On the WTO Agenda

The World Trade Organization is meeting in Mexico, and financial experts offer a peak at some of the items on its agenda.

The U.S. Role in World Farming

American farmers say they need huge subsidies to stay in business, while farmers in developing nations say U.S. policy is putting them out of business.

EU Considers Chemical Regulations

The European Union is considering regulations that require companies to tests tens of thousands of chemicals for health and environmental hazards.

Healthy Lunches for Kids

Two food experts offer their tips for sending the kids off to school with a healthy and delicious lunch.

This program aired on September 10, 2003.

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