Show rundown for 9/19/2003

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Critics Challenge U.S. Spending in Iraq

A look at the rising costs of reconstructing Iraq. Critics, like Senator Edward Kennedy, say President Bush should report back to Congress and account for all the spending.

Steel Tariffs Could be Costly Blunder

Bush administration officials say that the president's heavy tariffs on imported steel may have been a costly mistake.

Burma Road

During World War II, General Joe Stillwell decided to carve a 100,000 mile road out of the jungles of Asia.

Arnold and Equal Time

Arnold Schwarzenegger's appearances on Larry King, Oprah, and Howard Stern have members of the press wondering about whatever happened to equal time.

Kayak Ball Catcher

Forget Barry Bonds, kayaker Tom Hoynes is considered the homerun king at the stadium where the San Francisco Giants play. During home games Tom can be seen in his kayak, behind right field, catching homerun balls.

Scarface, 20 Years Later

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, new 35 millimeter prints of "Scarface" are playing throughout the country.

This program aired on September 19, 2003.

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