Show rundown for 9/25/2003

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CIA Iraq Report Lacks WMD Claim

An interim report by the CIA will not make any claim that weapons of mass destructions have been found in Iraq.

Nigerian Woman Wins Appeal on Stoning Death

A Nigerian woman sentenced to death by stoning has won her appeal against the verdict.

Vatican Reviews Mass Conduct

The Vatican might soon crack down on how Catholic masses are celebrated, banning churches from using altar girls and from using bread and wine during communion.

China's Space Race

The Chinese say they hope to get a man in space before the end of the year.

U.S. Income Gap Widens

An analysis of data from the Congressional Budget Office indicates that the income gap in the U.S. is widening.

California Candidates Debate

Some of the candidates hoping to replace Governor Gray Davis debated last night.

Letters 9/25/03

Listeners tell us what they think.

Michel Camilo

Latin music reviewer Jose Masso, host of WBUR "Con Salsa!," reviews Michel Camilo's new CD.

This program aired on September 25, 2003.


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