Show rundown for 9/26/2003

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Judge Knocks Down 'Do Not Call' Legislation

A judge rules that the national "Do Not Call" legislation violates free speech. We'll look at the on-again, off-again do-not-call registry and the big legal and political fuss swirling around it.

Life of Reservists in Baghdad

The Pentagon says it may need to call up more reservists and National Guard to dispatch to Iraq. We'll talk to Christian Parenti who spent time with the Florida National Guard in Baghdad and writes about the conditions they live and work in The Nation.

Hardcore Zen

Meet a former punk rocker who is now a Zen master.

Democratic Debate Review

Dorothy Rabinowitz of the Wall Street Journal reviews the Democratic presidential debate.

Dietary Problems

A couple speaks about their dietary problems: one is on the Atkins diet; the other is not.

Uday Hussein Attempt

In 1996, there were signs of a resistance towards the regime of Saddam Hussein. Four men attempted to kill Saddam Hussein's son Uday, but Uday was only crippled by their bullets.

Cold Creek Manor

We review the yuppie thriller, Cold Creek Manor by Mike Figgis.

This program aired on September 26, 2003.

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