Show rundown for 10/2/2003

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U.S. Opposes Planned West Bank Barrier

The Israeli cabinet votes to extend a barrier in the West Bank. The path of the separation barrier is opposed by the United States because the U.S. believes it will interfere with the creation of a contiguous Palestinian state.

Weapons Hunter Briefs Congress on Iraq

The Bush administration's chief weapons hunter, CIA adviser David Kay, appears before Congress to give an update on his search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

CDC Calls for Child Flu Vaccinations

The Centers for Disease Control suggests children receive flu vaccines. We'll talk to a public health official about the two types of vaccines available and why children should be vaccinated.

Muslim Opinion Polls on U.S.

The United States sent teams overseas to observe what people in the Muslim world say about the U.S.

Legislation and the California Recall

Legislation is sailing through the California State House. Does it have anything to do with next week's recall election?

Colorful Politics

There are some colorful candidates running in the California recall election. We'll talk to one political historian who takes us back to another era of colorful the South around the time of Barefoot Tom Watson and Cotton Ed Smith.

Letters 10/2/2003

Listeners share their views.

Our Town

Theater critic Bill Marx gives his thoughts on the American classic, "Our Town."

This program aired on October 2, 2003.


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