Show rundown for 10/7/2003

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Recall Election Underway in California

The recall election of Gov. Gray Davis in California is today. Here and Now reports from a polling place in Northern California to see how voting is going.

New Supreme Court Term

A new term at the U.S. Supreme Court is underway. One of the cases the justices will be deciding in this session concerns the constitutionality of the new campaign finance law passed by Congress last year.

Obesity and Health Care

Hospitals and health care workers grapple with obese patients. Among other things, they require bigger beds and longer needles. Health analyst Judy Foreman joins Here and Now to discuss the issue.

Energy Scam

Two reporters from Time Magazine talk about their story on how a plan to cut oil imports has turned into a corporate giveaway.

Iraqi Guerrilla Movement

The Los Angeles Times speaks to an Iraqi man who used to serve in Saddam Hussein's government about concerted guerrilla efforts underway in Iraq to push out American troops.

Investigators Question Guantanamo Translator Conduct

American officials are looking into the possibility that interpreters at the military prison at Guantanamo Bay may have intentionally tried to mislead military interrogators by mistranslating their questions.

Dams Demolished for Maine Salmon

A coalition of environmentalists and the power company the operates the dams on the Penobscot River in Maine reach an agreement to tear down two dams on the river. A third dam will be decommissioned and a bypass built. What does this mean for salmon? Environmentalists think this is the best chance to restore the Atlantic salmon.

Harry Belafonte

Singer Harry Belafonte talks about his health, healthcare for minorities, politics, and of course, music.

This program aired on October 7, 2003.


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