Show rundown for 10/20/2003

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U.N. Arab Report Released

The second annual U.N. Arab Development Report is issued today. Among the findings: 30 percent fewer Arabs are coming to the U.S. to study.

Bush Pushes Korea Plan

North Korea tests a missile as the President Bush tries to drum up support in Asia for a new attempt to end the impasse over the North's nuclear program.

Vietnam Massacre Predates My Lai

An Ohio newspaper details a massacre in Vietnam in 1968 that happened before the My Lai massacre.


A group of artists in New York fly human powered contraptions into the Hudson River.

Iraq and Iowa

Paying to rebuild Iraq and running for president without putting much energy into Iowa are two of the topics for our guest editors.

Candidates Musical Picks

We find out what kind of music the Democrats running for the White House enjoy in their down time.

Jonathan Katz Lives and Laughs with MS

A popular comedian learns to live with and tries to laugh about his MS diagnosis.

This program aired on October 20, 2003.


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