Show rundown for 10/21/2003

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Iran to Stop Uranium Enrichment

Iran will stop uranium enrichment and allow checks of its nuclear program. A reporter in Iran and an analyst talk about why Iran will allow the spot checks.

Bush Pledges Airline Safety

The Bush administration pledges better airline security after a young man sneaks box cutters onto jets.

Blood Infections

Health columnist Judy Foreman talks about blood infections.

Big Business Shows Economic Upswing

AT&T, UPS and Texas Instruments are posting big profits. Is the economy turning around?

Unemployed in America's Big Cities

An economist at Northeastern University says there is a generation of disconnected urban youth in Chicago that may be representative of a larger, national condition.

Prehistoric Left Hands

A French researcher says that left handedness can be traced back to prehistoric man.

Cuban Odyssey

Canadian jazz musician Jane Bunnett shares her love of Cuban music.

This program aired on October 21, 2003.

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