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Schiavo's Feeding Tubes Reinserted

Florida Governor Jeb Bush orders Terri Schiavo's feeding tube reinserted. The lawyer for Ms. Schiavo's husband says she was "abducted from her deathbed."

Senate Votes to Ban Type of Abortion

President Bush says he will sign legislation to end a type of abortion. We'll speak to a doctor who says he will sue if the president signs the bill into law, and then we'll speak to a lawyer for an anti-abortion group about why they think the law will make it through a Supreme Court challenge.

Elder Planning

Attorney Steve Weisman talks about his book on planning for old age.

Sniper Suspect Ends Self-Representation

Sniper suspect John Muhammad decides to go back to lawyers.

Representing Yourself in Court

John Muhammad is not the only high profile defendant to go the way of self-representation.

Odd Jobs

We've all had odd jobs, but not as odd as these.

Comfort Food

Chef Kathy Gunst cooks up comfort food in the form of a potato gratin with rosemary and parmesan. Web video exclusive: watch Kathy bake the gratin in her own kitchen!

This program aired on October 22, 2003.