Show rundown for 10/27/2003

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Baghdad Bombs Hit Red Cross, Police

A series of bombings in Baghdad have killed at least 33 people today in strikes against the International Red Cross headquarters and three police stations.

Bremer Meets Bush, Rumsfeld

Top Iraq official Paul Bremer meets with President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld.

Economy Check-In

A look at today's economic picture.

California Fires Kill 13

A check in on the fires in southern California.

Economic Recovery vs. Iraq War

Even though the economy seems to be getting better, the war in Iraq is still ongoing.

New Jersey Foster Case

A family in New Jersey who cared for foster children is accused of starving their sons.

Daughters, Sons, and Divorce

Families with sons in the U.S. are less likely to divorce than families with daughters, according to a new study. (Results available within two weeks at National Bureau of Economic Research,

Hollywood Anti-Piracy Message in Middle School

Hollywood is so concerned about the ever more skillful pirating of its products by teenagers that's it's decided to send emissaries into grade schools and middle schools.

Roberta Flack

Singer Roberta Flack talks about working with younger artists.

This program aired on October 27, 2003.

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