Show rundown for 10/31/2003

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Goldin Withdraws from BU Presidency

The former head of NASA, Daniel Goldin, was slated to become Boston University's president. It now appears the university is rescinding its offer.

Waxman Challenges Iraq Oil Imports

Congressman Henry Waxman of California is criticizing a government contract with Halliburton to import oil into Iraq. Waxman says that the gasoline which should cost less than $1 per gallon actually costs more than $2.50.

Secret Case

There's a petition before the high court to have details of a case which is shrouded in secrecy made public. The case involved a Florida man arrested post 9/11.


Author Mary Roach talks about how cadavers are used.

Help Wanted

The economy is on an upswing. So say the numbers. Two local newspaper editors talk about what their 'help wanted' sections are saying about the economy.

Stephen Glass

Charles Lane, former editor of the New Republic, talks about the novelist Stephen Glass who admitted to fabricating stories when he was a journalist.

Old School Horror

Our film reviewers pick their favorite scary movies.

This program aired on October 31, 2003.

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