Show rundown for 11/4/2003

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Iraq Attacks Raise Concerns Over Small Arms

Sunday's downing of a Chinook helicopter pus several new explosions around Baghdad have officials worried about small arms proliferation in Iraq.

$87 Billion Approved by Six

The U.S. Senate approved the President's request for $87 billion to occupy and rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan, but only six members of the Senate were present for the vote. What happened to the other 94?

FCC Says AT&T Violated 'Do Not Call' Rule

The FCC on Monday proposed fining AT&T Corp. $780,000 for violating telemarketing rules by calling customers who had requested not to be contacted.

Unprescribing Pain Medication

Our health columnist Judy Foreman talks about how doctors unprescribe for severe pain.

Maine Voters Consider Casino

Maine voters go to the polls today to consider building a major casino resort on its border with New Hampshire.

Gambling Addiction Pill

Can a pill help someone who is addicted to gambling?

Russell Simmons on Voting

Rap producer Russell Simmons talks about getting young people to vote.

Twyla Tharp

Renowned American choreographer Twyla Tharp discusses creativity.

This program aired on November 4, 2003.


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