Show rundown for 11/11/2003

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Explosions Rock Baghdad, Basra

An explosion outside the Iraqi city of Basra left 6 Iraqi civilians dead today. In Baghdad, a second explosion killed two Iraqi policemen and two prisoners.

High Court to Hear Guantanamo Appeal

The Supreme Court decision to hear an appeal from 16 men being held in Guantanamo Bay is having reverberations in the military justice system.


Bluetooth wireless technology enables you to send information from your phone or computer. Now some people have figured out how to pull hoaxes on other people's phones using this technology.

Voters Protect Green Spaces

One thing has become overwhelmingly clear since last week's elections is that Americans want to keep the last remaining tracts of open land from being paved over for development.

Scientists Find New Way to Generate Electricity

Scientists at a university in Canada have discovered a new way to generate electricity. It's the first such discovery in more than a hundred years.

New Veterans Honored

Veterans returning from the front in Iraq are honored.

School Loses Former Students to Iraq Combat

In the last three months, Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School has lost three former students in Iraq.

A Vet in the Family

USA Today reporter Andrea Stone goes in search of her father at a reunion of World War II vets.

The Life of Sammy Davis, Jr.

We hear about the storied career and stormy life of Sammy Davis Jr.

This program aired on November 11, 2003.


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