Show rundown for 11/12/2003

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U.S. Considers Interim Leader in Iraq

The top members of the Bush administration, including the president himself, are huddling today with their man in Baghdad, Paul Bremer.

WTO Rebuke U.S. on Steel Tariffs

The U.S. and the European Union are at odds over steel tarffs. The current face-off is coming close to a full blown trade war, with economic and political significance.

Catholic Bishops Meet

U.S. Catholic bishops hold their annual meeting. On the agenda: gay marriage, sanctions for some Catholic politicians, and clergy sex abuse.

U.S. Wants Eased Restrictions on Methyl Bromide

The U.S. wants to ease restrictions on a chemical thought to destroy the ozone layer.

Little People

We'll talk to author Dan Kennedy about a book about his daughter, who is a dwarf.

Canada's Drug Prices

With all the interest in buying cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, could higher prices be far off for Canadian consumers?

Art Carney

We look at the life and career of Art Carney, best known for his role as Norton on the television classic "The Honeymooners." The Academy Award winning actor died last Sunday.

Hollywood Wiretapping

Stars, agents, lawyers and more are being questioned by the federal government in a grand jury investigation into illegal wiretapping in Hollywood.

Deep Dish Cabaret

An underground cabaret in New York City features some of the zaniest and unpredictable performers the Big Apple has to offer. Call it performance art, call it comedy, call it offensive, call it nuts, but one thing is certain — it's unique.

This program aired on November 12, 2003.


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