Show rundown for 11/25/2003

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Senate Approves Medicare Bill

A look at the Medicare reform package the U.S. Senate approved today. What does it mean for insurance companies; drug makers, and Medicare recipients?

Negotiating Drug Prices

During the Medicare debate it was often said that the government should not be in the business of setting prices on drugs. So who negotiates drug prices? We look at the business of negotiating prices.

Women Don't Ask

Co-author Sara Laschever talks about her book on why women don't negotiate salaries.

Yale Law Students Represent Patients

A group of law students at Yale are representing some former patients of Yale New Haven Hospital who say the hospital is overly zealous in collecting unpaid bills for uninsured patients.

Free Healthcare

Ask some people what they'd like for Christmas and chances are a fair number would fall back on the predictable "I'd be happy with good health." Over the upcoming holiday season, some people are going to actually get something pretty close to that: free healthcare. People who can't afford health insurance will be able to receive eye surgery at no cost, courtesy of the McGowan Eye Care Center.

Women Contractors

More women are wearing hard hats to work.

Elizabeth Peters' Egypt

We explore the mystery of ancient Egypt with murder-mystery writer Elizabeth Peters.

This program aired on November 25, 2003.


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