Show rundown for 11/26/2003

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Holiday Travel

Road authorities talk about how people are getting around today, the traditional travel day for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Colorado Deaths Linked to Flu

Four children in Colorado have died of flu-related illnesses.

Medicare and the Budget

The Senate has approved a Medicare reform package that will cost $400 billion. We speak to the deficit hawks at the Concord Coalition about what this means in terms of the federal budget.

Language of Blood

We speak to a woman who has written a book about her life as a Korean adopted by an American family.

Chaplain Yee Faces New Charges

Former Muslim Chaplain James Yee at Guantanamo Bay was originally charged with taking military information off the base. He has been released by the U.S. military but is now facing new charges of pornography and adultery.

National Guard Prepares for Duty

All around the country, many reservists are preparing for duty in Iraq.

America's Roadways

Millions of Americans get on the road today, so we look at American highways and interstates.

Air Travel Tips

Tips for airline travel.

Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Chef Kathy Gunst gives her ten tips for a happy Thanksgiving.

This program aired on November 26, 2003.

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