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Show rundown for 11/27/2003

This article is more than 19 years old.

Iraq Update

Journalist Liz Palmer of CBS TV reports from Iraq.

Homeland Security

A status report on the state of homeland security.

Memories of Jackie Kennedy

Commentator Alice Furlaud recalls the days after the death of JFK and the gossip swirling about about his widow.

China Cars

China says it wants more fuel efficient cars. Here and Now looks at what this might mean to the environment and for American car makers, eager to sell to Chinese consumers.

Money for Prisons

The state of Massachusetts is spending more money on prisons than it is on public higher education.

Healthy States

We'll talk with a doctor about which states have the healthiest citizens.

Comfort Food

On a day when most Americans are enjoying a traditional turkey meal, we'll hear from some of our listeners about what food they find comfort in...

Vermont Migration Revisited

Host Robin Young tells the story of a pilgrimmage she made to Vermont to be with family members during the annual migration of snow geese.

This program aired on November 27, 2003.

Robin Young Co-Host, Here & Now
Robin Young brings more than 25 years of broadcast experience to her role as host of Here & Now.



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