Show rundown for 12/1/2003

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Iraqis Dispute Samarra Battle Claims

A reporter in Samarra, Iraq talks about the fighting that killed 54 Iraqis, and what this suggests about U.S. military tactics.

Pentagon Reviews Guantanamo Prisoners

The Pentagon is conducting a wholesale review of Guantanamo Bay prisoners and plans to release up to 140 in coming months.

World AIDS Day Campaign

Two UN agencies begin a campaign to provide 3 million HIV-infected people with cheaper drugs and simpler regimens by the end of 2005.

Venezuela Recall Petition Ends

President Hugo Chavez says the opposition is resorting to tricks in their attempt to recall him.

Pinochet Evidence Emerges

We look at new evidence about the rule of Augusto Pinochet in Chile.

Steel Tariffs and More

Steel tariffs and more from our two guest editors on our Washington, DC roundtable.

Amazon Study

A study in the journal "Science" looks at the carbon dioxide emissions.

Classical Music Picks

Classical music reviewer Ellen Pfeiffer reviews her check list of favorite classical music releases.

This program aired on December 1, 2003.


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