Show rundown for 12/2/2003

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Up, Up, Up

Manufacturing numbers are up, retail is up, and the stock markets are up.

The State of Steel

As the Bush administration reconsiders imposing tariffs on imported steel, we look at the state of the American steel industry.

Iraqi Politicians Say Senior Baathist Slain

U.S. military officials in Iraq say they can't confirm what Iraqi politicians are telling reporters, that U.S. forces have captured or killed the most senior official after Saddam Hussein himself in the former Baathist regime.

Dennis Kucinich

Presidential candidate Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio joins Here and Now.


A look at the science of implanting computer chips in people with disabilities.

Geoghan Series

The Boston Globe has been detailing final days of John Geoghan in the Massachusetts' prison system. Geoghan, the former Roman Catholic priest, found guilty of abusing children, was murdered by a fellow inmate.

Arab-American Comedy

Arab-American comedians shine in the spotlight.

This program aired on December 2, 2003.

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