Show rundown for 12/3/2003

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British Police Make 14 Terrorism Arrests

Anti-terrorist police arrest 14 people in Britain. The sweep marks one of the most eventful weeks in Britain's attempt to prevent terrorist attacks.

Two Afghan Warlords Surrender Arms

Two of the warlords in the north hand over dozens of tanks and guns. We'll look at what this mean for the U.S.-backed government in Afghanistan.

Medicare Deals

Five firms with the ties to healthcare are courting the man who runs the federal Medicare program.

Dick Gephardt

We talk to Representative Dick Gephardt about his run for the White House.

Anglicans and Catholics Delay Talks over Gay Bishop

Anglicans and Roman Catholics delay talks because of the consecration of a gay bishop in the Episcopal Church.

Women of the Bible

All of a sudden a lot of attention is being paid to the women of the Bible.

AIDS Orphan

A young man in Zimbabwe speaks about growing up without parents. They both died of AIDS.

"Angels in America" Hits the Small Screen

An award-winning play will be presented this weekend on HBO. We talk to one of the actors in Tony Kushner's "Angels in America."

This program aired on December 3, 2003.

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