Show rundown for 12/8/2003

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Afghanistan Check-In

We follow up on the hunt for Al Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan and the death of nine children killed in a US raid.

European Watchdog Questions Russian Elections

Voters cast ballots for a party loyal to President Putin. A European watchdog groups questions the results.

Washington, DC Editorial Roundtable 12/08/03

President Bush signs Medicare reform bill, Hillary Clinton in Iraq, John Kerry and the f-word, and more

NIH Special Report

We speak to a reporter from the Los Angeles Times about the relationship between some of the top scientists and the National Institutes for Health and private drug companies.

ACLU Files Complaint over LA Student Punishment

The ACLU says it is prepeared to sue the school of a boy punished because he told classmates his mothers were gay.

Liberal Radio Network

Now people who have a more liberal point of view than many talk radio hosts find a radio network that's ready for their point of view.

Latin Christmas Classics

Latin music reviewer Jose Masso shares two Christmas classics from Latin America.

This program aired on December 8, 2003.

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