Show rundown for 12/24/2003

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Feds Say U.S. Food is Safe Despite Mad Cow Debut

The first case of mad cow disease has appeared in the United States. Federal officials say the nation's food supply is intact, however.

Alice Furlaud on Animals

Public radio commentator Alice Furlaud on an animal and environment advent address Prince Philip gave over twenty years ago.

Cargo Plane Watch

After raising the terror alert to orange, Homeland Security officials say they are focusing on the possibility that terrorists may plane to hijack cargo planes and crash them into U.S. targets.

The Autobiography of Santa

Journalist Jeff Guinn has written the first authorized biography of Santa Claus.


Every voice is unique right? Well now there's a way to re-create voices with a computer. We discuss new software called "Vocaloid."

Lenny Bruce Pardoned

The comedian Lenny Bruce has been posthumously pardoned for his 1964 conviction by New York Governor George Pataki.

Chef Alton Brown

The Food Channel's Alton Brown has pearls of wisdom for kitchen klutzes.

This program aired on December 24, 2003.


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