Show rundown for 12/31/2003

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Attorney General Recuses Himself

Attorney General John Ashcroft has removed himself from an investigation that is looking into whether a Bush administration official leaked a CIA operative's name to a newspaper columnist.

The Recovery According to Krugman

Despite some apparent good economic news, economist Paul Krugman says the recovery benefits few American workers.

Patrick J. Fitzgerald

A look at Patrick J. Fitzgerald, who will now head up the Justice Department's investigation of the leaking of a CIA operative's name to a newspaper columnist.

Mormon Missionary

We hit the streets with a young Mormon missionary.

The Year in Iraq in Review

We take a look back at the year in Iraq with journalist Anthony Shadid.

Operation Hero Miles

Maryland Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger talks about a new program called "Operation Hero Miles." The program financially helps soldiers on leave head back home.

A Year of Good Eats

Here and Now's resident chef Kathy Gunst and Scott Haas discuss trends in the world of food from the past year.

This program aired on December 31, 2003.

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