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India and Pakistan Agree to Talks

India and Pakistan agree to start peace talks next month on issues of religion and nationalism that have divided the two nuclear powers for years.

Afghanistan Bomb Kills 10

A bomb attached to a bicycle in Kandahar kills 10 people. Eight of the dead were children.

Iraq Rape Reports Anger Turks

We speak to Charles Radin of the Boston Globe about how rumors of U.S. troops raping Iraqi women are angering Turks.

Memory Glasses

Researchers at MIT are developing a computer chip that helps the wearer remember certain things. The chip is installed in the person's glasses.

Catholic Church Reform Check

Catholic Church officials are releasing a report today on the clergy sex abuse scandal. The report is based on audits of dioceses around the country to see if the local churches have followed up on reforms meant to stamp out sex abuse.

Democrat Debate at NPR

The Democrats running for president debate today at NPR in Washington. There will be no television cameras, and there will be questions from listeners.

Auto Show Report

U.S. car makers are banking on improved auto sales to make them more competitive with Japanese car companies.

She's Not There

Professor Jenny Finney Boylan of Colby College discusses her sex change in a new book.

This program aired on January 6, 2004.

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