Show rundown for 1/7/2004

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Bush Seeks Changes to Immigration Policy

President Bush asks Congress to approve changes to immigration policy. The President says the plan will help the economy, fulfill employers' needs, and protect the rights of workers.

Undocumented Workers in North Carolina

What the Bush immigration proposal means to the many undocumented workers and the employers of North Carolina.

Immigrant Advocates React to Bush Plan

Will the plan allow undocumented workers green cards or permanent U.S. residency? We'll hear from advocates for immigrants about what they like and don't like about the President's plan.

Animal Stories

The front page editor from the Wall Street Journal talks about some of the paper's favorite animal stories.

Why We Went Orange

New information is released as to why the United States threat status has been at level orange for the past 18 days.

Iraq Human Rights and Health

A look at human rights and healthcare in Iraq after Saddam Hussein.

Fruit Picking Technology

A look at a new machine that allows orange growers to pick the fruit with a lot less manpower.

Heating Coat

A woman who was taken off a plane from France to the U.S. yesterday was wearing a coat that security personnel thought was suspicious. She was wearing a heating jacket, worn by motorcyclists to keep warm.

Emmylou Harris

The singer is out with a new CD.

This program aired on January 7, 2004.


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