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Iran's Parliament Showdown

A showdown has erupted between reformists in the Iranian parliament and hardliners, who say the reformists are unfit for office.

MS Study Points to Vitamin D

A study in Neurology suggests that a vitamin D supplement may cut a woman's risk of MS by 40%.

Forty Years of "Bad for You" Smoking

We look at smoking trends in the 40 years since the Surgeon General's report on smoking and health.

High Court Considers Disabilities Case

A Supreme Court case involves a paraplegic man who crawled up the steps of a courthouse.

Federal Government Proposes "Registered Traveler Program"

We'll look at the registered traveler program proposed by the federal government that could allow some airline passengers to avoid extra scrutiny.

Where Old Christmas Trees Go

On the road with a pickup crew to see just what happens to old Christmas trees.

The Holmes Brothers

Rhythm and blues with the Holmes Brothers who are out with a new CD.

This program aired on January 13, 2004.

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