Show rundown for 1/16/2004

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Bremer Meets with DC Officials

U.S. Administrator in Iraq Paul Bremer meets with officials in Washington about the demand by Iraq's leading Shiite cleric for direct elections. Bremer wants members of a transitional government to be chosen by provincial caucuses.

Avian Flu

We speak to the WHO about the avian flu in Vietnam.

Arctic Food Contamination

Arctic people are being poisoned by industrial chemicals that accumulate in the animals that they eat. We speak to a Canadian researcher.

Judith Steinberg Dean

Excerpts from an interview with Judith Steinberg Dean courtesy of Vermont Public Radio.

Editorial Roundtable 01/16/04

Columnist Maureen Dowd thinks Judith Steinberg Dean should get out on the campaign trail with her husband. Guest columnists Dorothy Rabinowtiz of the Wall Street Journal and Bill Nemitz of the Portland Press Herald discuss the swirl surrounding the other Dr. Dean.

Religious Officials Seek Jewish Artifacts at Vatican

Two of Israel's top rabbis go to the Vatican to meet with the Pope. They say they are also interested in searching Vatican storerooms for ancient Jewish artifacts.

Along Came Polly

We review the film starring Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston.

Super Bowl Predictions

So who do you think could wind up in the Super Bowl?

This program aired on January 16, 2004.


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