Show rundown for 1/22/2004

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Sharon Stands Firm Despite Bribery Scandal

Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says he has no intention of resigning over a bribery scandal involving Israeli property developer David Appel.

Judiciary Probe Looks at Computer Infiltrations

The Office of the Sergeant-at-Arms at the U.S. Senate is investigating alleged computer infiltrations. The report says a computer glitch allowed Republicans to gain access to Democratic files relating to judicial nominees.

States Address Gay Marriage

A look at how two states are addressing the prospect of gay marriage.

Following an Arms Inspector

The journalist who followed around arms inspector David Kay in Iraq talks about her experiences.

Healthcare and the NH Vote

As New Hampshire residents prepare for next week's primary, we look at the issue of healthcare in the Granite State.

Letters 01/22/04

Listeners tell us what's on their minds.

The Nields Sisters

We look at the new CD by the Nields Sisters.

This program aired on January 22, 2004.


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