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Candidates Trade Jabs as NH Primary Nears

Host Robin Young reports live from New Hampshire about tomorrow's primary.

Polling New Hampshire

It's not easy to predict how New Hampshire will vote.

Halliburton Admits Role in $6 Million Iraq Scheme

Halliburton says that at least one employee was involved in a $6 million kickback scheme with a firm in Kuwait.

9/11 Commission Conducts Hearings

The federal panel hearing information about the September 11th terrorist attacks holds two days of hearings this week.

DC Roundtable 01/26/04

Can any democrat beat President George Bush?

California City Bans Karaoke

The city of San Mateo in California considers closing private rooms in karaoke clubs.

David Gonzalez

Our Latin music critic tells us about the music of David Gonzalez.

This program aired on January 26, 2004.