Show rundown for 1/30/2004

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White House Adjusts Medicare Projections

The White House increases its estimate for the cost of the new Medicare law. Initial projects put the cost at around $400 billion over ten years; the White House says it may cost about $530 billion.

Defining a Super Delegate

Democrats have them; Republicans don't. What are super delegates and do they matter?

President Who?

We'll speak to a historian who says the wrong president appears on the one dollar bill.

Shock Jock's Feeling the Heat

We speak to a conservative radio talk jock who says he was demoted because he was against the war in Iraq.

Editorial Roundtable 01/30/04

Our panel of editors looks at the week's news

Wanted, Reward

We speak to a representative from the office at the State Department that oversees rewards that go to people who help the U.S. identify wanted terrorists.

Beyond Marching Bands

While the players are in their locker rooms at half-time, a spectacle is underway on the field. We'll look at what half time has become on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Big Bounce

The new films stars Owen Wilson.

This program aired on January 30, 2004.


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