Show rundown for 2/3/2004

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Bush Unveils Military Budget

President Bush proposes $402 billion plan for military spending. Guests analyze what is funded, what is not, and whether the figures make sense in the global war on terrorism.

Rumsfeld Describes Military Restructuring Plan

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld writes in today's Wall Street Journal about plans to reorganize the U.S. military.

AIDS Funding Numbers

We continue with our look at the federal budget proposal and see how much money is allocated to global AIDS prevention.


A company in Rhode Island simulates massive fires in an attempt to understand what makes one building safe and another building a fire trap.

Senate Offices Close After Mail Scare

A powdery substance is found at Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's office mailroom yesterday. Preliminary tests indicate it may be Ricin.

Iran Reformers Plan Election Boycott

Reformers are vowing to boycott this month's parliamentary elections.

Yellow Dog Democrats

What are they anyway?


Author Stephen Zanichkowsky offers a view of life in a large family in "Fourteen."

This program aired on February 3, 2004.


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