Show rundown for 2/4/2004

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Kerry Wins Five, Clark and Edwards Hang On

With Mini-Tuesday behind them, the Democrats running for the White House look forward to Michigan, Washington, and Maine.

Democrats Question Bush Military Record

Democrats say they will question President Bush's military service record. Was the President ever AWOL?

Mass. Court Paves Way for State Gay Marriage

A Massachusetts high court ruling has removed the last obstacle to gay marriage in the state.

Killing the Buddha

Two authors hit the road in America to understand Americans' religious beliefs.

Utah and No Child Left Behind

Legislators in Utah say they are considering rejecting funds from the federal government for the No Child Left Behind law. They say it's an issue of states' rights.

Texas Pharmacist Refuses "Morning After" Pill Prescription

Protesters have been lining the street outside a Denton, Texas drug store, where a pharmacist refused to fill a rape victim's prescription for the morning-after contraceptive pill.

Artist to Icon

We look at an exhibit of photographs of Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles...before they were icons.

This program aired on February 4, 2004.


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