Show rundown for 2/9/2004

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U.S. Says Iraq Resistance Seeks Al Qaeda Aid

U.S. officials claim that a newly-discovered document written by an operative in Iraq asks Al Qaeda for help in waging a sectarian war against the United States.

Unrest in Haiti

Militants have expelled police in the port town of St. Marc, Haiti.

The Cheney Effect

Is Dick Cheney a liability for the Bush re-election team?

Harvard Business Review Breakthrough Ideas

The Harvard Business Review offers tips on running a successful business.

DC Roundtable 02/09/04

President Bush meets Tim Russert; and the frontrunner, Senator Kerry....

Native American Paintings Restored

Digital technology rescues some Native American paintings.

Bad Marriages Make Good Books

Our literary critic looks at how terrible marriages can make for great reading.

This program aired on February 9, 2004.


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