Show rundown for 2/10/2004

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Bush Releases Economic Report

President Bush says the economy is on track and recovery is in place. We’ll look at the 2004 Economic Report of the President and see if it squares with reality.

Proliferation Speech Preview

President Bush talks about weapons proliferation tomorrow.

The Gay Marriage Wedge in Election 2004

As Massachusetts lawmakers debate gay marriage, we look at how this issue could complicate this year’s presidential election.

Are All Medical School Graduates Equal?

An investigative series in the Hartford Courant reveals that a preponderance of disciplined doctors come from just a handful of medical schools, two of which are in the United States.

Russian Poilitician Lost and Found

Ivan Rybkin, a long shot challenger to Vladimir Putin who went missing, has been found him.

Healthier Canadians

Health columnist Judy Foreman talks about why Canadians live longer than Americans.

Aspiring Filmmaker Alexandra Kerry

Alexandra Kerry is an aspiring filmmaking and aspiring First Daughter. She’s shooting a film about her father’s campaign.

Natalie Merchant

The singer talks about her new album and another new record of songs recorded with her original band, 10,000 Maniacs.

This program aired on February 10, 2004.

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